AAHP Field Disease Investigation Unit

Cows looking at Dr. Sischo collect data in the field

WSU Field Disease Investigative Unit and Agricultural Animal Health Program

About the AAHP Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)

We are an interdisciplinary group with members from the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Sciences, University of Idaho, and the WIMU consortium.  We work with animal agriculture production systems of all sizes with a focus to optimize animal wellbeing and health and the safety, abundance, access, and wholesomeness of animal-origin products. We conduct translational field research, develop hands-on teaching experiences for students, conduct outreach to address field-based issues in food animal production, and engage in extension programming that reaches veterinarians, producers, extension-educators, youth interested in agriculture, and industry support. 

Our Mission

• Engage with large and small production systems
• Focus on animal wellbeing and health
• Support and promote food security
• Translational research, community outreach, education, and extension