AAHP Field Disease Investigation Unit (FDIU)


FDIU Faculty

Andy Allen
Assistant Professor
Phone: 509-335-0711
Special Interests: Ag animal Internal Medicine, Johnes disease, Small Ruminant medicine, Swine medicine, Beef cattle
Lawrence Fox
Professor, Field Disease Investigation Unit
Phone: 509-335-0786
Special Interests: MS, PhD, Bovine mastitis, Mycoplasma spp., Staphylococcus aureus
John Gay
Associate Professor, Diplomate ACVPM, Field Disease Investigation Unit
Phone: 509-335-0785
Special Interests: Epidemiology, food animal medicine and food safety
Clive Gay
Professor emeritus

Special Interests: Neonatal calf disease, trace element deficiency
Dale Hancock
Phone: 509-335-0706
Special Interests: Disease outbreak investigation, zoonotic foodborne disease
Ram Kasimanickam
Diplomate American College of Theriogenology
Phone: 509-335-6060
Special Interests: Bovine reproduction, population and genomic based approach to address cow and bull fertility
Dale Moore
Clinical Professor, Director of Veterinary Extension
Phone: 509-335-0711
Bill Sischo
Phone: 509-335-0738
Special Interests: DVM, MPVM, PhD, Food Safety Initiative Microbiologist, Field Disease Investigation Unit
John Wenz
Associate Professor
Phone: 509-335-0773
Special Interests: Clinical Mastitis Severity, Production Disease Investigation, Development of Accurate, Consistent Herd Health Records on Farm

Primary Collaborators

George Barrington
Professor, Diplomate ACVIM
Phone: 509-335-0703
Special Interests: DVM, PhD, Food animal internal medicine, bovine paratuberculosis, ruminant immunology
Thomas E. Besser
Professor and the Rocky Crate D.V.M and Wild Sheep Foundation Chair in Wild Sheep Disease Research
Phone: 509-335-6075
Special Interests: Epidemiology of zoonotic bacterial agents in their domestic animal reservoirs
Douglas Call
Phone: 509-335-6313
Special Interests: FSI Molecular epidemiology, ecological and physiological basis for genetic structuring of microbial populations
Rowland Cobbold
Lecturer, Veterinary Public Health
Phone: +61 7 3365 2087
Special Interests: Enterotoxigenic E. coli and other zoonotic organisms of livestock
Steve Parish
Professor, Dipl. ACVIM
Phone: 509-335-0702
Special Interests: DVM, Agricultural Animal Medicine and Surgery, Large Animal Internal Medicine
Ahmed Tibary
Professor, Diplomate ACT
Phone: 509-335-1963
Special Interests: DVM, PhD, Population theriogenology, food animals, camelid and equine reproduction