Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies:

VCS Graduate Studies Graduate programs are usually combined with clinical training programs. Internship and residency training programs are filled through the Veterinary Intern and Residency Matching Program of the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians with the exception of radiology training programs.

Students must fulfill eligibility requirements of the Graduate School at Washington State University.

Also see requirements for in-state residency status.

Clinical and Translational Sciences Program Objectives:

  1. Enable students to develop as successful professionals for highly competitive positions in academia, industry and government.
  2. Prepare students to be effective researchers (clinical and translational sciences)
  3. Enhance the national and international visibility of graduate education and research at Washington State University within the College of Veterinary Medicine, iPBS, and Clinical and Translational Sciences.

Radiology Training Programs:

Residencies and internships are not filled through the matching program. Details on radiology training programs

Clinical Pathology Training Programs:

Details on Clinical Pathology training programs

Animal Health Policy Programs: Science, Politics, Beliefs and Public Policy:

This program sponsored jointly by Washington State University and University of Minnesota has been attended by professionals specializing in animal health, public health, agriculture, political science, and food industries from across the globe. It is specifically targeted for early career professionals and professionals enrolled in advanced degree programs but it is relevant to mid-career professionals interested in public policy. The program is experiential and mixes web-based teaching materials with hands-on work with policy experts working for government, NGOs, and policy centers. The program is designed to take a policy issue and explore the issue at three scales of government: Local, National, and Intergovernmental Details