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Annie Chen-Allen

Chen-Allen, AnnieAnnie Chen-Allen, DVM, MS, DACVIM
Associate Professor
Neurology and Neurosurgery


Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Science, 1995-1998
Texas A&M University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, 1998-2002
Washington State University, Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship, 2002-2003
Washington State University, Neurology and Neurosurgery Residency, 2003-2006
Washington State University, Masters of Veterinary Sciences, 2005-2008

Research Interests

Neuro-oncology – brain and spinal tumors
Novel therapies for brain tumors
Stereotactic brain biopsy and procedures
WSU Pituitary Team for transsphenoidal hypophysectomy
Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for neurological diseases


- *denotes senior authorship with graduate student listed first

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