Debra Sellon

Debra Sellon
Office Phone: 509-335-0711


Education and Professional Credentials

Preveterinary and DVM – Louisiana State University (1983)
Large Animal Rotating Internship – Texas A&M University (1984)
Residency in Large Animal Internal Medicine – North Carolina State University (1988)
Board Certified – American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (1989)
PhD – Virology – North Carolina State University (1991)

Research Interests

Equine infectious diseases
Equine pain management
Equine hematopoietic diseases

Peer Reviewed Publications (selected)

Sanz MG, Sellon DC, Cary JA, Hines MT, Farnsworth KD.  Analgesic effects of butorphanol tartrate and phenylbutazone administered alone and in combination in young horses undergoing routine castration.  J Am Vet Med Assoc.  2009;235:1194-1203.

Arguedas MG, Hines MT, Papich MG, Farnsworth KD, Sellon DC.  Pharmacokinetics of butorphanol and evaluation of physiologic and behavioral effects after intravenous and intramuscular administration to neonatal foals.  J Vet Intern Med.  2008;22:1417-1426.

Sellon DC, Knowles DP, Greiner EC, Long MT, Hines MT, Hochstatter T, Tibary A, Dame JB.  Infection of immunodeficient horses with Sarcocystis neurona does not result in neurologic disease.  Clin Diagn Lab Immunol.  2004;11:1134-1139.

Sellon DC, Roberts MC, Blikslager AT, Ulibarri C, Papich MG.  Effects of continuous rate intravenous infusion of butorphanol on physiologic and outcome variables in horses after celiotomy.  J Vet Intern Med.  2004;18:555-563.

Sellon DC, Levine JF, Palmer K, Millikin E, Grindem C, Covington P.  Thrombocytosis in 224 horses (1989-1994).  J Vet Intern Med.  1997;11:24-29.

Sellon DC, Levine J, Millikin E, Palmer K, Grindem C, Covington P.  Thrombocytopenia in horses:  35 cases (1989-1994).  J Vet Intern Med. 1996;10:127-132.

Sellon DC, Perry ST, Coggins L, Fuller FJ.  Wild-type equine infectious anemia virus replicates in vivo predominantly in tissue macrophages, not in peripheral blood monocytes.  J Virol.  1992;66:5906-5913.

Clabough DL (Sellon), Gebhard D, Flaherty MT, Whetter LE, Perry ST, Coggins L, Fuller FJ.  Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia in horses infected with equine infectious anemia virus.  J Virol.  1991;65:6242-6251.


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