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New ECG Technology

"Holter monitor vs. AliveCor® Veterinary Heart Monitor electrocardiogram study"

Holt MonitorAliveCor in action


Purpose of Study

This study will compare two ECG (electrocardiogram) devices: the Holter monitor and the AliveCor®Veterinary Heart Monitor.  An ECG is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart.  There are many ways to collect ECGs from dogs. One tried and true method is with the Holter monitor. The Holter is unique in that it is a small, wearable device that allows ECG data to be collected outside of the hospital. The AliveCor® monitor is a newer ECG collection system that uses an iDevice and can be used anywhere.


Participants will be helping to advance diagnostic technology used for canine cardiology patients. In addition, participating dogs will receive a free physical exam and an ECG.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrolled dogs need to be at least 1-year old and healthy. They should be comfortable both visiting the veterinarian and wearing a vest. Their owners need to have an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad and cannot be veterinarians or veterinary students.

Treatment Methods

Once participating dogs have received their physical exam and ECG, five small patches of fur will be shaved so the Holter monitor can be applied. They will then be fitted with a vest. This vest will help to keep the Holter leads in place and will hold the monitor. Dogs will need to wear the Holter monitor and vest for 24 hours. During the same appointment, owners will receive an AliveCor® Heart Monitor to borrow and the app that works with their Apple device. Owners will need to use this device on their dog for ECG collection at home for the same 24 hours that their dog is wearing the Holter monitor. Owners and their dogs will need to return to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital the following day for Holter monitor removal and to return the AliveCor® monitor.

Owner Responsibilities

Owners are responsible for bringing their dog to WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital for both the initial appointment and then 24 hours later for Holter monitor removal. They are responsible for returning both the Holter and AliveCor® monitors and for following a protocol at home for each device.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:

Valorie Wiss, Clinical Studies Coordinator
Office: 509-335-0798
Cell: 509-432-5345

Susan Reynolds
Cell: 208-250-9015