Clinical Studies

Evaluating Kidney Function in Cats with Feline Caudal Stomatitis

“Characterization of renal function in cats with Feline Caudal Stomatitis and Caudal Mucositis”


Purpose of Study

This multicenter study will evaluate kidney function in cats with active Feline Caudal Stomatitis (FCS).  FCS is a painful, chronic inflammatory disease of the oral cavity.  While little is known about the effects this disease may have on the overall health of affected cats, chronic inflammation is suspected to be an underlying cause of some forms of kidney disease. 


Cats will receive the following lab tests at no charge: complete blood count (CBC), biochemical profile, urinalysis, urine protein:creatinine ratio (UPC), SDMA test, total thyroxine (T4), +/- SDS electrophoresis. Approximate value: $275.00.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrolled cats must have biopsy results consistent with Feline Caudal Stomatitis.  If there is a high suspicion of the disease, this biopsy can be taken at the time of a dental procedure.

Treatment Methods

Once enrolled, your cat will have an exam (at owner’s expense) to verify the disease presence.  Once we confirm FCS, we will collect 3-4ml of blood (approx. ½-1 teaspoon) and will collect urine via cystocentesis.  Once these samples have been collected, your cat’s participation in this study will be complete.

Owner Responsibilities

Owners are responsible for bringing their cat to the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the exam and urine and blood collection.  Owners are responsible for the costs associated with partial or full mouth tooth extractions and biopsy.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Raelynn Farnsworth, Clinical Assistant Professor. 

(Clinic: 509-335-0711 or