Boel Fransson

Boel Fransson


ACVS Founding Fellow MIS
Office Phone: 509-335-0711


Research Interests

Current : Minimally invasive surgery with a focus on laparoscopic (key-hole surgery) technique development and skills training. Previous: Spinal stabilization, Supraspinatus tendinopathy, systemic inflammatory response syndrome in canine pyometra.

Veterinary Applied Laparoscopic Training-VALT

President: Veterinary Endoscopy Society

Select Publications
  • Curran KM, Fransson BA, Gay JM. (2010) A comparison of in situ and in vitro techniques for bursting pressure testing of canine jejunum. Am J Vet Res 71(3): 370-373. PMID: PMCID:
  • Bergstrom A, Fransson B, Lagerstedt AS, Kindahl H, Olsson H, Olsson K. (2010) Hormonal concentrations in bitches with primary uterine inertia. Theriogenology. Epub ahead of print. PMID: PMCID:
  • Fransson BA, Ragle CA, Bryan ME. (2010) Laparoscopic skills enhancement by simulation training using a canine abdominal model. JAVMA In press. PMID: PMCID:
  • Fransson BA, Ragle CA, Bryan ME. (2010) A laparoscopic surgical skills assessment tool for veterinarians. JVME. Accepted. PMID: PMCID:
  • Fransson BA, Ragle CA. (2009) Lift laparoscopy in 7 dogs and 5 cats. Vet Surg. Submitted. PMID: PMCID:
  • Fransson BA, Keegan RD, Ragle CA, Haldorson GJ, Greene SA. (2009) Hemodynamic changes during laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation of normal adrenal tissue in dogs. Vet Surg. 38:490-497. PMID: PMCID:
  • Reynolds D, Fransson BA, Preston CJ. (2009) Circular osteotomy for resection of oral tumors in four dogs. Vet Comp Orthopaedic Traumatol. 22:412-416. PMID: PMCID:
  • Bachelez A, Fransson BA, Curran KM. (2009) Evaluation of a laparoscopic full-thickness jejunal biopsy technique and comparison with open biopsy in canine cadavers. JAAHA. Submitted. PMID: PMCID:
  • Fransson BA. (2008) Rectocutaneous fistulas. Compend Contin Edu Vet. 30 (4): 230-235. PMID: PMCID:
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  • Fransson BA, Lagerstedt A-S, Bergstrom A, Hagman R, Park JS, Chew B, Evans MA, Ragle CA. (2007) C-reactive protein, tumor necrosis factor α and interleukin 6 in dogs with pyometra and SIRS. J Vet Emerg Crit Care. 17(4): 373-381. PMID: PMCID:
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