Jennifer Slovak

Jennifer Slovak

Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 509-335-0711



B.S The University of Findlay (1999)
DVM Iowa State University (2003)
M.S Iowa State University (2014)
Residency in small animal internal medicine (2011-2014)

Research Interests

Immune mediated and infectious diseases of the dog and cat

Select Publications
  • Rivera, Sol, M., Slovak, J.E., Court, M.H., Villarino, Nicolas. (2017) Simultaneous determination of mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide and glycoside derivatives in canine and feline plasma by UHPLC-UV. Biomedical Chromatography doi: 10.1002/bmc.3942. PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J.E., Rivera, SM., Hwang, JK, Court, M.H., Villarino, NF. (2017) Pharmacokinetics of Mycophenolic Acid after Intravenous Administration of Mycophenolate mofetil in Healthy Cats. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Accepted) PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J.E., Villarino, N. (2017) Safety of oral and intravenous mycophenolate mofetil in healthy cats. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Doi: 10.1177/1098612X17693521. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: PMCID:
  • Rivera, S.M., Morassi, A., Court, M.H., Slovak, J. E, Villarino, N. (2016) Development and validation of an ultrafast chromatographic method for detection and quantification of the immunosuppressant Mycophenolic acid in canine, feline, and human plasma. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (131):94-102. PMID: PMCID:
  • Nagamori, Y., Slovak, J.E., Reichard, M. (2016) Prevalence of Cytauxzoon felis infection in healthy free-roaming cats in northcentral Oklahoma and central Iowa. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports (2):1-4. PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J., K. Mealey, & M.H. Court. (2016) Comparative metabolism of mycophenolic acid by glucuronide and glucoside conjugation in human, dog and cat liver microsomes. Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2:123-129. PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J., N. Kieves, J. Haynes. (2015) A Foreign Body Granuloma Induced Extra-skeletal Osteosarcoma. Journal of American Animal Hospital Association 51(5):315-319. PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J., L. Gilmour, K. Miles. (2015) What is Your Diagnosis? Calvarial Hyperostosis in a Mixed Breed Puppy. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association 203(3):290-295. PMID: PMCID:
  • Slovak, J., C. Wang, A. Jergens, et al. (2014) Endoscopic Assessment of the Duodenum in Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 28:1442-1446. PMID: PMCID:
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  • Slovak, J. (2008) Winning One for the Zipper. Veterinary Forum 25(11):48. PMID: PMCID: