Clinical Studies

The “COOL” Cat Study:

Clopidogrel Only vs with Omeprazole TriaL


Purpose of Study

Cool Cat StudyThe purpose of this study is to investigate whether the antacid, omeprazole, reduces the effectiveness of the blood thinner clopidogrel (Plavix®) in cats. Both medications are commonly used in veterinary medicine, and cats who need clopidogrel usually have conditions that require omeprazole.  Recent studies in humans show that omeprazole reduces the blood-thinning effects of clopidogrel.  Our goal is to determine if the same holds true for cats.


Cats will receive a free CBC, Serum Chemistry, Urinalysis, FIV/FeLV screening, echocardiogram and full physical examination (a $500 value).  Upon completion of the study, each COOL cat will receive a cool cat bowtie and their owner will receive a $10 Ferdinand’s gift certificate for a cool treat.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrolled cats need to be healthy, 2-8 years old and weigh at least 9lbs.  Cats must also be comfortable going to the veterinarian and taking oral medications.

Treatment Methods

We will perform a thorough physical exam; perform a blood draw for a complete blood count, chemistry panel, and FIV/FeLV testing; collect urine for urinalysis, and perform an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) to ensure the health of your cat. If your cat is determined to be healthy and minimally stressed with the examination and testing, we will enroll your cat into the study.

Once enrolled, your cat will be assigned to take either clopidogrel only or clopidogrel + omeprazole for 10 days (treatment period 1). After 10 days of this treatment, your cat will not receive any medications for two weeks. Once these two weeks have passed, your cat will receive the opposite medication(s) for another 10 days (treatment period 2).  You will need to give your cat the medications orally once daily to twice daily and record medication administration in the treatment log provided for you.

Immediately before starting and during the times that your cat is receiving medications, blood samples will be need to be taken on a set schedule. We will draw blood the day before starting the medications (Day 0) and on the 5th and 10th day of the treatment periods. You will need to bring your cat to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for the blood draws. On the mornings of the blood draws, we will give the medications to your cat and draw a small amount of blood (~1/2 tablespoon or ~7mL) 2 hours after medication administration. Over the course of the entire study, your cat will have a total of 7 blood draws: 1 blood draw for health screening and 6 blood draws over the two treatment periods.

Owner Responsibilities

Owners are responsible for giving their cat the assigned study medication on a prescribed schedule and recording medication administration in a treatment log.  They must bring their cat to the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital for 7 study appointments over a 1-2 month period.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Valorie Wiss, Clinical Studies Coordinator. 

(Office: 509-335-0798, Cell: 509-432-5345 or