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Cronic Conjunctivitis and Keratitis in CatsChronic Conjunctivitis and Keratitis in Cats

"Use of FELOCEL® FVR C for the treatment of chronic conjunctivitis in cats"


Purpose of Study

This study is being done to determine if cats with conjunctivitis that are administered one dose of the vaccine, FELOCELL® FVR C (Zoetis Animal Health), will have improved clinical responses compared to cats administered a placebo.  This is a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using cats with spontaneously arising conjunctivitis suspected to be herpes viral in origin.


This study provides blood and DNA testing, vaccine or placebo and antibiotic treatment at no cost to the owners.  Upon study completion, (at day 21 survey) owners will receive a $300 credit to their bill.  Up to an additional $100 in treatment will be provided for cats whose conjunctivitis or keratitis did not resolve during this study.

Enrollment Requirements

Enrolled cats must be more than 6 months of age and client-owned.  They need to be FeLV/FIV negative and otherwise healthy.  Cats need to have had conjunctivitis and/or keratitis for 10 days or longer.  If cats are on systemically administered corticosteroids, the medication must be discontinued 1 month prior to enrollment.  Cats receiving topical corticosteroids and/or systemically administered antivirals must be off the medication(s) 10 days prior to study enrollment.   Cats on current antibiotics will be eligible for this study.

Treatment Methods

Your cat will receive an ophthalmic examination.  If your cat qualifies for the study we will draw a small amount of blood from your cat to test for FeLV/FIV. Your cat will receive a topical eye anesthetic and each eye will be swabbed (to test for pathogens known to cause conjunctivitis).  Your cat will then be randomized into one of two treatments--intranasal vaccine or intranasal placebo-and will be treated.  This is a double-blind study, so you and your ophthalmologist will not know which treatment your cat receives.  You will be given an antibiotic eye ointment to apply to your cat's eyes 3 times/day, at home, for 14 days.  You will also be given a survey, to complete each day for the next 14 days.
7 days after the first exam, you and your cat will return to the clinic for a second examination.
14 days after the first exam, you and your cat will again return to the clinic for an eye exam.  You will turn in your daily surveys and your cat will again receive a topical eye anesthetic so each eye can be swabbed to test for pathogens known to cause conjunctivitis.  If the conjunctivitis is not better or resolved at this time, your cat will receive further treatment.
21 days after the first exam, you will fill out a "day 21" survey and return it to the clinic. Your cat may need to return for an examination on this day if they were treated for conjunctivitis on day 14.

Owner Responsibilities

Owners are responsible for taking their cat to 3 study-related examinations at either WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman OR the Animal Eye Clinic in Spokane.  They will be required to administer a study-provided antibiotic to their cats eyes 3 times daily at home and to complete a daily survey 14 days and a final survey on day 21.

Contact Information

For more information please contact: 
Animal Eye Clinic
Dawn: 509-368-6800
WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Jennifer: 509-335-0711